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Landscape Architect Near Me

The durable and aesthetic brick walls have been ruling the infrastructures for a long time, and we are the experts of this field. The classic style and prominence of their rich earthy colour bring the feel and comfort of being at your home. The beauty lies in the fact that they are supremely versatile, and our team knows a number of patterns to utilise them in. They go with all kinds of rustic, modish, indoors as well as outdoor setups to portray harmony and cohesiveness in the overall architecture of your space.

From walls to custom made structures, the team of Distinct Landscapes is adept at sourcing and building as per the client's desire. Feature walls, retaining walls, dwarf walls, piers and pathways have the most prevailing use of bricks. So, put an end to your browsing exercise of seeking 'landscape architecture near me,' and get in touch with our time.

Why are brick walls beneficial?

  • Stylish: Brics never go out of style and therefore are the perfect choice for sustainability. They align well with all kinds of interiors and exteriors. Plus, adding them around green plants enhances the overall ambience voguishly.
  • Durable: Most of the historical buildings are standing upright even after centuries as they are constructed from hard bricks. They withstand moisture, rain, storm, and wind. Moreover, it reduces insect infestation, thus protecting your houses for ages.
  • Comfortable indoor climate: Being highly energy-efficient, their density ensures to insulate the property and maintains moderate temperature throughout the year

We help you put a halt to your search for the 'best landscape architect near me' with our advanced and experienced team who knows the right approach to work on different climatic and geographical conditions. We, at Distinct Landscapes, put all our efforts to customise the brick walls as per clients' requirements and expectations. We understand how every renovation adds on to increase the resale value of your property; hence, make sure that you reside in the most promising version of your abode. Also, the sturdiness and durability of the bricks add years to the life of your property.

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