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Garden Patio Verandas

Our home is the only place that gives us the utmost comfort and helps us treasure all those memories that we make with our family members. Right from the first time you entered your house to the time when your toddler took his first step onto the patio, we know how those blissful moments are a treasure for you.

So, if you are planning to install or refurb your patios to give your abode a modish or even a country cottage type ambience, then the team of Distinct Landscapes is always available at your disposal. We understand the yearning to be the most enrapturing curbside attraction and know how exactly you can achieve that. Building a solid foundation for your livings plans, our expert team is adept at building garden patio verandas on all kinds of slopes and angles.

During summer days, we all admire spending our evenings and nights in the fresh and cool breeze while we wait for the winter sun to bestow us with its presence in our beautiful backyards. From enjoying to food playing with your furry friend to keeping yourself warm with a bonfire at nights, patios are the passage to your backdoor extension.

Why choose Distinct Landscaping for taking garden patio verandas service

We understand the importance of your time and hence complete all the work within a short time frame whilst ensuring the super-class quality. All our professionals are well trained and know how to execute the designs and plans as per climatic and geographical conditions. We are firmly against the ‘one-size-fits-all’ fallacy and believe in customised plans.

Why install or refurb a garden patio?

  • Space for outside entertainment of guests: What if it is all pleasant and sunny outside and your guests want to be entertained in nature? Get the backyard all set by adding adornments like lanterns, tea lights, outdoor rugs, comfortable seats and cushions.
  • Increased resale value: The more beautiful the property is, the higher is its resale value; we all know this mantra. So, don't take it as an expense, but rather an investment.
  • Durable: Well-built patios can withstand harsh winters and hot summers for years to come. So, you don’t have to go through the cycle again and again.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: All you need to do is remove the debris and clean them thoroughly with water. They do not require any special chemicals for cleaning.

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